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need a lil help here...

2009-02-12 16:16:09 by Lostinspace796

im coding this flash and i need it so when it hits a certain frame it will forward it to the website. its made it flash but the site its linking to is HTML and stuff. does anyone no what the code is?


2008-06-19 12:49:25 by Lostinspace796

got the aniamtion online!

enjoy it =] thz for everyone who helped me find the sprites

Update on Animation

2008-06-06 22:08:28 by Lostinspace796

Its allmost done!
I just dont have kriby ive decided to leave them out for now unless i find them by next week.
all i have to do so far is fix the little things that are wrong with it and its crashed my computer many times so far. I really hope you all enjoy it when it comes out. im holding off putting it online till next weekend so I can fix all the lil things like i said before.

Sorry Kaos =P its not on here yet i found to many lil errors with it once it didnt crash the computer...


2008-05-27 09:54:40 by Lostinspace796

If you no any sounds for Kirby or any other nintendo charaters can you please tell me where =]
thank you

Update on animation

2008-05-21 17:51:53 by Lostinspace796

Ive got the first 3 parts done with mario, kirby, and mr. game and watch.
im working on Pit currently
im trying my best to finish it but i also dont want to go 2 fast to make it look bad lol

im looking for some sounds more this (prefferbly mario sounds =])
i would really like the help for the sounds thankz =]

upcoming animation...

2008-04-25 11:07:41 by Lostinspace796

Ive updated the list of charaters im using for this animation, mario, kirby, mr. game and watch, Pit (yayyy), ness, R.O.B. and ill probly be adding more as i progress though this. feel free suggest any more charaters =]

Im also looking into some music and im adding some Phantom of the Opera in there, if any of you want the song send me a PM becuase this isnt the edited kind that put on newgrounds haha.
but im looking into more songs so feel free to suggest anything

Also i want to thank Qwertipman who helped me find more sprite sheets that i couldn't find before lol


2008-04-21 12:19:12 by Lostinspace796

Making a animation useing Mario, Kirby, Pikmin and one other anyone wanta help me deside on the 4th nintendo charater 2 use?


2008-04-11 18:30:15 by Lostinspace796

im working on lostinspace 2 and yes it is better then the first one for all ya out there wonderin.

Update??? 3/19/2008

2008-03-19 14:33:13 by Lostinspace796

Im currently working on my game as I promised, but im working on 2 at the same time so i don't know when they will be done.

update??? 3/2/2008

2008-03-02 17:02:25 by Lostinspace796

Ive actully changed my mind...which seems to happen often...but im making a game instead this will (if made right) will be my first game out there =]