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2008-04-21 12:19:12 by Lostinspace796

Making a animation useing Mario, Kirby, Pikmin and one other anyone wanta help me deside on the 4th nintendo charater 2 use?


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2008-04-21 12:23:37

Mudkip or Pit from Kid Icarus. Either one will make your cartoon cooler!
Also, check this out, lol.


2008-04-21 12:50:05

why not try some of the less heard of nintendo characters, give them a chance to be noticed again, such as ballon fighter, issac(golden sun) or even custom robo!

or stick with the latest ones everyone knows about, such as samus, various star fox characters, or maybe even the ice climbers!


2008-04-21 12:51:25

sorry for dble post but

theres a WHOLE list of characters form nintendo there that you could possible use, hope i helped!