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upcoming animation...

2008-04-25 11:07:41 by Lostinspace796

Ive updated the list of charaters im using for this animation, mario, kirby, mr. game and watch, Pit (yayyy), ness, R.O.B. and ill probly be adding more as i progress though this. feel free suggest any more charaters =]

Im also looking into some music and im adding some Phantom of the Opera in there, if any of you want the song send me a PM becuase this isnt the edited kind that put on newgrounds haha.
but im looking into more songs so feel free to suggest anything

Also i want to thank Qwertipman who helped me find more sprite sheets that i couldn't find before lol


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2008-04-25 12:32:44

PM me for mario music song.


2008-04-25 12:32:58

Message me if you want me to link you to mario music.